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Tommy Craggs Is A Prick Who Just Fails Upward Evidence supporting that fact begins here. This guy actually had the giant sack to put that word in a headline several months ago when something called Suey Park decided to go all Hashtag Amy Uyematsu after
Stephen Colbert made a joke at the expense of Daniel Snyder. (Oh, you don’t know who "Amy Uyematsu" is? Here’s a link. Craggs would drop obscure cultural references in his prose all the time and become very frustrated when I didn’t understand his comparison between Donald Fehr, former executive director of the MLB players association, to a German opera. ) Predictably, the headline sparked even more outrage, mostly because, well, a person named Tommy Craggs can’t pull off wry satirical commentary to defend other people’s absurd satirical commentary. Maybe
if his byline was Tommy Chang it would have gone over better. Probably not. Originally from raleigh, nc, michael has also lived write essays for money within in california and vegas… Let’s start at the beginning: 2008. Deadspin was soon to be ruined because founding editor Will Leitch left for New York Magazine

2009, four individuals were reported in contiguous areas over two days on Tawi tawi (I. Sarenas in litt. 2010). An estimated 250 300 km2 of forest remained on Tawi tawi in 2001, although much of this included selectively logged forest (Mallari et al. 2001), and further declines have been noted since. Fortunately, the rate of clearance for oil palm plantations is lower than was feared previously. The species is thought to be extinct on Jolo (Sulu), but this requires confirmation. It is almost certainly extinct on Sanga sanga. Local reports from 1995 suggested that it may visit the small islands of Tandubatu, Dundangan and Baliungan, though these hold very little primary forest (D. Allen in litt. By the mid 1990s, rapid clearance of primary forest on Tawi tawi had rendered remaining lowland patches highly degraded, although plans to replace these with oil palm plantations seem to have stalled, while the rate of logging has slowed with the remainder of forest being confined to rugged mountainous areas. Conversion

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