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zero impact on our shared Salish Sea, why aren we all dumping there? And imagine, if you will, the waste disposal potential for the infinitely more heavily flushed Pacific Ocean! As for Victoria ongoing bleating about cost and plant siting: Washingtonians, frankly, aren interested in another century worth of excuses for failure. government says it sticking to a drop dead deadline to join the 19th century by 2020. However, that’s not a reality, especially in a world where giving hundreds of dollars of technology to an infant might be a benefit but not something worth giving sole responsibility to. But if this foul stuff continues to flow in our direction, America might have to take extreme measures. All options including the forced return of Justin Bieber are on the table. to finally pledge to stem the flow. If that doesn work, the nuclear option awaits: A three bucks a gallon tax on foreign purchases of milk at the Bellingham Costco. Possible New Victoria Tourism Slogan: With Excitement! And Finally: We kid the Canadians, but really, we hope they get this all sorted out. It
actually quite sad to see the acting out
of people exhibiting the classic behavioral symptoms of a nation that can never,

genuine interest in others, her rabbi said Friday at her funeral. ( JENNIFER PELTZ, JIM FITZGERALD ) But Metro North’s Waterbury, Danbury and New Canaan branches cross a few dozen streets, so trains are vulnerable to hitting stranded or abandoned vehicles. That evidently triggered the ferocious fire that burned the 85 foot long Bombardier M 7 rail car from end to end. "How could this happen? With all the safety improvements they were making after the last year, how can this be?" asked Rep. Tony Guerrera, co chairman of the General Assembly’s transportation committee. Guerrera wants to know whether vehicle detecting sensors in the pavement would have warned the engineer that the SUV was blocking the grade crossing in Valhalla. Despite the high cost of raising or lowering streets or tracks, Connecticut should at least study what it would take to make the one change that traffic engineers agree would head off a Valhalla style crash in Connecticut: Close all grade crossings on the three branch lines. "Public

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