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But I think google+ has a couple of extra layers that the other social networks don’t have. Similar spp. Bumblebee Hummingbird
Atthis heloisa and Sparkling tailed Hummingbird Tilmatura dupontii are similar sized, but both have green crown and lack rump band in all plumages. Voice Generally silent. All records have been near the villages of Arroyo Grande, Paraso and Nueva Delhi in the months of January July (S. Hansson in litt. 2010). This is consistent with recorded population density estimates for congeners or close relatives with a similar body size, and the fact that only a proportion of the estimated Extent of Occurrence is likely to be occupied. However, illegal cultivation for the drug trade has rendered an assessment of habitat quality problematic recently. There are local reports to 650 m suggesting that it may migrate altitudinally, breeding at higher elevations (possibly November February), and spending March August (possibly longer) at lower altitudes (Howell and Webb 1995a). Much of the remaining forest provides cover for illegal drug growing making an evaluation

from left, enters court in DuPage County on Feb. 26, 2015, with family members. Velasquez was found guilty of fatigued driving and violating safety laws in a January 2014 crash that killed a tollway worker and badly injured a state trooper. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune) Trials and Arbitration Tollway worker killed and state trooper injured in 2014 crash A trucker who fell asleep behind the wheel and caused a devastating accident near Aurora that killed a tollway worker and severely injured a state trooper was sentenced Monday to three years in prison. Renato Velasquez, 48, of Hanover Park, apologized repeatedly before DuPage County Judge Robert Kleeman sentenced him on charges of impaired driving via fatigue and operating his semi in excess of safety laws that limit the numbers of hours a commercial driver can be spend behind the wheel. Truck driver sentenced to three years in prison Truck driver sentenced to three years in prison after fatal crash. (WGN TV) Truck driver sentenced to

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