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My Experience With Matula Tea Pt2

Matula Tea Treatment:

I went online and found the matula tea site for H. Pylori. It looked a little fishy and too good to be true. But I decided to try it, because there was no way I was going on the antibiotics again. So I got a box for myself and I convinced my sister and her husband to not do the antibiotics, but try the tea instead. Since they both got infected by me and my mom,
, while eating at our house frequently. When I started the tea, I immediately noticed a change in my stool bowl movements for the better. The tea tasted ok, and I was not experiencing any side effects. I also realized that each packet could be double brewed. So after I soaked a packet for my dose, I would re soak the tea packet for my mom and she would drink it. Sometimes I would boil the tea packet after I’d used it and the tea would be darker the 2nd time around. I did this because my mom did not want to spend all that money on a tea that may or may not work. And I wanted her to get treated by the tea as well. I managed to extend the 1 box/ 1 month supply for one person into 1. 5 months for two people. After the treatment was over, I waited a month to get re tested (As per instructions) and my test results and that of my mom came back NEGATIVE!!! I was ecstatic. The doctor of course, could have cared less that there was an alternative treatment for H Pylori. The Matula Tea representative did suggest that they purchase another box of tea for a second month. He told them that only 1 customer has had a positive test come back after two months. They decided not to repurchase, but get their refund. But I told them to save their used packets of tea during their 1st treatment just in case. They put them in the freezer. After they got their money back, they decided to do another month of matula tea with the frozen used packets that they had. They boiled them to get a stronger tea and they took it for a month. And now they’re free of H. But I think you need to be on it longer than a month. My mom I did about a month and a half, and my sister and her husband did 2 months. I also think the tea can be double brewed, and each packet can be used 2 3 times, especially if you boil it, the tea comes out even darker than if you soak it for the recommended time. I also think it is very IMPORTANT to be taking probiotics during the tea treatment and after, as it kills pylori and other bacteria. (I have the kambucha mushroom and Kefir at home). Stupidly, I did not take any probiotics while on the tea (even though it is recommended in the instructions). My sister’s husband and I did experience some mild acidity/heartburn a couple of days after stopping the tea. My sister’s husband treated it with prilosec (which was stupid unhealthy) and I just took some manuka honey, slippery elm powder and more probiotics and the acidity/heartburn went away after a week and never returned. I think this heartburn was probably a result of lowered stomach acid and reduced flora in the stomach and intestines. That is why I think the probiotics are crucial with matula tea. Hope this helps. Hi Anna,

Yes, I live in Tehran as you say there are some very top doctors in Iran, specially some of the best surgeons in the world, but you would realy have to look for them as a lot of them work privately and are extremely busy in a city of 15 million people the public hospitals are extremely busy as well and I can’t allocate the time for it. Besides, as far as Pylori is concerned the cure is pretty standard throughout the world and nor do I wish to use the “TT” for the obvious reasons and prefer the natural remedy route like so many others do here. Ttj wrote:

Teeny, that’s great news very happy for you all unfortunately I am in Iran and can’t get it here may be you can have a word with Obama and ask him if he can lift the sanctions for a few days so I could get my order through lol

Did you definitely have your Pylori test positive b4 you used the tea?

In any case, I think your info here will help lots of infectees and gives me some hope for the future when I could have access to the tea as well. Yes, definitely. I even went on regular antibiotics, was retested and was still positive for H. Pylori. Only after I did the tea,
, was I cured. I wish you are feeling good from the infection. To find mastic leaves, check with moroccon shops, they might have it. Otherways, you can buy it from Greece or any medeterranan country. I recomand you to buy it from Morroco or Algeria because it is very cheaper in those countries. If you have a morrocan friend ask him to bring you some because it is very cheap in this country. If you need help, send me your email and I will let you know from my side where you can get it if I have any information. Good luck. I have been diagnosed with H Pylori in February, 2009. Federalists versus democratic-republicans the federalists most federalists were the old writing an essay federalists from before the constitution. Since then, I have been taking medications on and off. I am sick and tired of taking medications, on a regular basis. I see my buddy eating all kinds of food, but I end up dumping the food in a bin. After doing some research on it, I came across with Matula Tea Herbal formula, which, I believe, would help me cure H Pylori. I can’t eat the maximum amount of food and feel nausea when I eat food,
, which results me loose a lot of weight. If you let me know about the stores in Toronto,
, would be greatly appreciated!.

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