Nabile Maleh Retrospective

Nabil Maleh
Thursday, April 25, 2013
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Alwan Film Festival 2013 Nabil Maleh Retrospective:

The mid-career director’s retrospective and masterclass provides audiences with an in-depth view of one filmmaker’s oeuvre as it pertains to questions of artistic production in a specific cultural context.

This year’s Film Festival Retrospective will present an expose of Syrian director, Nabil Maleh and his films.

Nabil Maleh is a film director, screenwriter, producer, painter and poet and is considered the father of modern Syrian cinema. He earned his Master’s degree from the film academy FAMU in Prague and has published more than 1,000 articles short stories, essays and poems. He is the writer and director of 120 short, experimental and documentary works and 12 feature- length films including ‘The Extras’ and ‘The Leopard’. He has been honored with more than 60 awards at international film festivals, including several lifetime achievement awards. Several of his films are in the curriculum of international film schools and he has taught film direction, acting, writing and aesthetics at many universities, centers and associations, including Austin University in Texas and the University of California in Los Angeles.

Mid-Career Retrospective, Director Nabil Maleh Filmography:

“The Hunt Feast” (2005) UK/SYR co-production (105 mins)

“The Extras” (1993) NationalFilm Organisation (100mins)

“Chronicles of a Dream” (1984) Genève /Ebla Productions (110mins)

“Fragments” (1980) National Film Organisation (130mins)

“The Progressive Gentleman” (1975) National Film Organisation (110mins)

“Ghawar James Bond” (1974) Private Sector (105mins)

“The Leopard (1972) National Film Organisation (115mins)

“Men Under the Sun” (1970) National Film Organisation (Triptych) (45/110mins)

“Rythym” (1970) National Film Organisation (Experimental) (5mins)

“Napalm” (1970) National Film Organisation (90secs)

“Crown of Thorns” (1969) National Film Organisation (45mins)

“Two Men and a Woman” (1965) Syrian TV (70mins)

“Dreams” (1965) Syrian TV (70mins)

“A Surprise” (1964) Syrian TV (70mins)

“Family Problem” (1964) Prague/ FAMU productions (35mins)


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